How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photos are a memento of one of the most important day of your life. They are the cherished memories that can be passed down to the next generation.

So it is very important to choose the perfect wedding photographer who can capture those special moments for you. Following the steps mentioned below can help you to choose the best photographer for your Indian wedding.

Determine your Budget.

First of all decide how much you can spend on wedding photography. It may include photographer’s fees, prints, albums etc. this will allow you to realise which services you can afford and which you can’t.


Decide the style of wedding photography you want.

Give it a deep thought and decide how your wedding photographs should look like. Whether you want traditional style photographs with all posing or you prefer more natural photography where the subject may not even be aware that they are being photographed. You can also go for freestyle wedding photography which combines different styles.

Decide what type of service you want from your wedding photographer.

Before hiring a wedding photographer you have to decide what exactly you want them to cover. You only want photographs of your wedding ceremony or you want whole package which include pre wedding ceremony, bridal portraits, newlywed photos and other wedding sessions.

Decide number of photographs you want of your wedding celebration.

You should discuss it with your wedding photographer in advance that in how many photos you want your wedding to be covered. Number of photos will directly affect the cost of your photo album. More the photos more will be the cost of photo album.


Decide how you are going to use your photos.

You just want a photo album for yourself, or you want larger size pictures for your walls, or you want extra prints to give it to friends and family. If you want large number of prints then it may be better option to purchase the negative or digital copy from your photographer. So that you can conveniently have as many prints as you want anytime.

Research your options well.

Browse wedding photographer websites, ask your friends, inquire bridal shops and try to get as much information as you can from as many sources as possible about your shortlisted wedding photographers. Look at samples of their work on the Internet. Meet photographers in person and ask your queries so you can have an idea about their style and capability.

Make the list of photographers who meets your needs.

Narrow down the list to few photographers and compare them with each other in terms of their fees, style, quality of photographs and services they provide.

Discuss the finalists with your spouse.

Sit with your partner and compare the shortlisted candidates on the basis of packages they offer. Decide which photographer fits best to your criteria. And make a final decision together after all it’s an equally important day for both of you.

Confirm backups for crisis.

Before you go ahead with signing of contract with your photographer ask him or her how they will deal with the adverse situations. There can be number of unexpected things that can go wrong like photographer may fall ill or camera may develop some fault or it may rain. You would not like to spoil your weddings because of these reasons. So you must always have a “plan B”. If you are satisfied with your photographer’s capability to tackle the crisis then only go ahead with the plan, else look for other options. You wedding is a very special occasion, so don’t take risks.

Book the dates with your chosen photographer.

As soon as you have made the final decision, call the photographer for an appointment. Meet the photographer to discuss all the terms and sign the contract. Don’t delay to book the photographer for too long or you may lose your favourite photographer to someone else.

Share your ideas with your wedding photographer.

If you have some special request or have particular ideas about how you should be photographed, tell it to your photographer. Discuss and try to work out the looks you want. You can also tell about your wedding plans so the photographer have an idea about the time line of wedding events and schedule accordingly.

When will you receive your wedding photo album?

Ask the photographer in how many days can he deliver the wedding photographs.

Your photographer is shooting huge raw files far bigger than your usual JPG images. Shooting raw files gives your photographer greater ability to edit and correct the photo, but it also takes a longer time to upload, process and edit all those files (in order to correct color levels, light adjustments and so on).

It may differ, but many photographers say that they spend an extra 40 hours editing images from a single wedding, so it can take up to around six to eight weeks (depending on how busy the photographer is).

However it can be done in 3 to 4 weeks if photographer has assistants to help with editing work. Also discuss the design and layout of your album in advance so your photographer can take photographs accordingly. Obviously you can make alteration to it later on as per the needs.