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How to Optimization Google places| SEM Chicago

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Welcome to Local Business Lead King Company

Local Business Lead King Company is a US based web development company, we offering various services such as, website design, web programming, Search engine optimization, Google places optimization, Mobile Marketing, Social media marketing and many digital media works.

Local Business Lead King Co
3521 West 115th Street
Chicago IL 60655
United States
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There is so much to know and it didn’t make sense taking more time away from our daily tasks to learn how to get leads online. We were referred to Local Business Lead King from another roofer who said he had great success. I think what we like most is that they return our calls that day. Our old website guy took days to get back to us.
Krystal S. /

I knew we needed to be on the web, so I asked one of our customers if they knew of anyone who can get us up there. They recommended Local Business Lead King Company, so I called them and to my surprise I got the owner. He answered all my questions and what I should expect. After 2 months I noticed my daily call volume going up and as advised, we started asking where these people found us. Our calls went from 25-50 to over 250 a day! We are opening a second location soon!
Pat Casey / (847) 818-9000

I spent hours on this thing and it just didn’t look like I envisioned it too.
I found the Local Business Lead King Co online while looking for someone to redo my bar’s website. I was happy with the price and what Jack Lombardi had to say made sense. My Facebook fan page went from 500 fans to over 1400 in just a few months and I got a lot of compliments on our new website.
Tim Desmonds /

I couldn’t believe it, they did in two days what I was trying to do in 6 months! They got my business on page 1 and I got my first customer from the internet that week. It’s just best to pay and have a professional do it for you then waste hours your don’t have on something you don’t understand.
Joe DeGrazia /

I am a small business owner with limited knowledge in marketing so I decided to get help from the Local Business Lead King. I’m happy to report that since I’ve been using his strategies and techniques business has started to pick up. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to grow their business and take their income to the next level.
Joe Lopez /

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