Optimizing your website – Improve Search Engine Rankings Effectively.


Optimizing your website – Improve Search Engine Rankings Effectively.

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Optimizing your website – Improve Search Engine Rankings Effectively. An LW Music Business Consultant, Speaker & Author Music Biz Blog Video.

When it comes to bringing yourself to the forefront to be seen, it is much more than just the name of your band, your brand, your songs and your sound. It comes down to the ways to bring attention to your social media sites and your website. It is about optimizing your website with the best keywords, and phrases to allow those searching on a broader scale to find you. Being found is key.

Where are you beyond just your website, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube? Can fans find your site in Google? Does your web site presence stretch across the search engines and with broader words and phrases so that more people can find you? Is it a search site for keywords? or is it a static site that is unsearchable? What are you doing to improve search engine rankings for your band and your site?

As you will see in this video, when it comes to your website, while the design and content is crucial, even more so is the optimization to draw the strangers in. Your fans will find you, but it is about building new fans, finding people that would not necessarily be searching for you. Google optimize, keyword search and research, find out what people are search for and how that can draw them to find you.
Business Advisor Speaker & Author Loren Weisman
Business Advisor, Speaker & Author Loren Weisman organizes, optimizes and implements individualized branding, marketing and content plans for start up and established businesses as well as individual clients and entrepreneurs. Loren is a managing partner and co-founder of Leveraging Smart Inc.
Loren is based in Vero Beach, Florida, USA and is available to clients over phone, Skype or in person.
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Hosted by Loren Weisman, Wait What Really Ok is A Methodical, Comical and Informational Podcast covering the best approaches for business and the arts today.
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Optimizing your website – Improve Search Engine Rankings Effectively

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