What Does SEO Mean? | Does SEO Matter? | Marketing Consultant NYC | Tim McGarvey 646-435-0119


What Does SEO Mean? | Does SEO Matter? | Marketing Consultant NYC | Tim McGarvey 646-435-0119

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http://www.timmcgarvey.com/ What does SEO mean? Here’s what you need to know about SEO for your business online to improve your visibility, generate leads and increase sales.

Several times a week now, sometimes even several times a day, I hear from another “SEO” expert. Listening to these “experts” many of them would have me believe that simply hiring them will bring more customers into my business.

The truth is that this is an extremely grey area and many of these “experts” prey on your lack of technical understanding of the way that search engines work, how this connects to your website and what this means to your bottom line.

These services are useful, but it is important to note that these services that used to be complex and highly specialized have become more commonplace and manageable with new tools. While SEO is important, the internet is rapidly changing, and SEO is not as important as it used to be.

Many of the business owners that I have been talking to believe that an “SEO expert” will bring them more customers. Many of these same business owners however, don’t actually understand what “SEO” is and what they are hiring someone to do, and if this will even result in more customers.

Take a look at this video about the basics of search engine optimization.
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